Creative Collaborations: Working with Stylists to Get Unique Looks

Determination is one of the best qualities that a model, photographer or any creative talent can possess. Starting something and seeing it through to the end is definitely a recipe for success.

Creative Collaborations: Working with Stylists to Get Unique Looks

Jennifer Lynn is a talented and versatile model from the Midwest. She is also the imaginative and inventive stylist behind Anomalous Designs. This allows her to the chance to create colorful and outrageous outfits, many of which she ends up modeling herself.
Stylists work like art directors - their main objective is to build the photo shoot around the clothing that is being featured.

A unique look is nothing more than a story put together really well, portrayed through the lens of a camera. In my opinion, the best way to get a unique look when working with stylists is to first ask them what they have in mind. See what types of clothing they have access to. Request a few photos of the outfits (or pictures of similar items) that they will be bringing so you can get an idea of what they are planning in advance.

A stylist can come up with a great concept, but to create a really unique look, the makeup, hair, and setting also need to be in line with the vision.

First, decide what type of makeup would go best with that look to give it an eye-catching twist.

Next, arm your hair stylist with details of what you have in mind, as well as photographs of possible looks for the hair design.

As for the set design, take the initiative and find a cool, funky, place to shoot at. You can also bring props that will add to the overall theme.

If you and the stylist can come up with a great concept or story, and if you can put together a cohesive hair style/makeup/set design, the photo shoot should be very successful.


This article was published in the industry monthly One Model Place.
Mike White is a Chicago Model Photographer

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