How do I break into show business?

Amy Dorris - Actor Headshot Photographed in Chicago by Mike White
Semi-famous actors (often people who've done a lot of commercials or character roles), writers and agents/managers with varying levels of scruples keep certain arts-themed publications filled with ads, week after week, promising to tell you the secrets... if you pay for their seminar, service or book. In fact, preying on the "wannabe" is a cottage industry in any field that puts up barriers to entry, be it the movies or publishing or the music industry. We look at these people much like the get-rich-quick gurus on late-night TV... it stands to reason that they make more money telling you how to get rich with their secrets than they do using them, otherwise they'd be too busy using them to have time to sell them to you for $49.95. The best advice we can give you are these few points...
  1. Don't quit your day job. It can take years and you'll need money to live. Harrison Ford quit acting and worked in construction for a few years before coming back and getting his break. Bruce Willis was a waiter and bartender while he tried to get stage work in New York. Even people who seem to be overnight sensations played bit parts and struggled before they suddenly burst onto the scene in a prominent role.
  2. A real agent or manager will not ask you for money (be it an "up-front fee" or "seed money"). They make money when they get you a job. Also, in California, talent agents must be licensed and there are laws governing their relationship with clients. Go to the unions, preferably SAG (Screen Actors Guild) or AFTRA (American Federation of Radio and Television Artists) or WGA (Writers Guild of America), and ask for their "franchised agency" list. You can buy it for a nominal fee or in some cases get it online for free. These lists will contain licensed agents who have signed contracts with the unions to follow specific rules when representing clients.
  3. Take classes. It may be hard figuring out whether the $10 per session class is as good as the $100 per session class, and we can't help you there, but classes give you two benefits. First, they help you hone and perfect your craft, whatever branch of show biz you want to be in. Second, they will help flesh out a weak resume. If you don't have credits, you need classes. If you're wondering about the credits of the person teaching the class, look them up in our database. Except for writers on individual TV show episodes, we keep pretty good records.
  4. Until you're commanding $20 million per film, you're not entitled to have a big ego. Don't reject parts you think are too small or insignificant because you're too busy looking for your big break. Judi Dench won an Oscar for six minutes of screen time.

Fashion Trends and Model Agencies

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Usually, one gets to know about the latest in trends by monitoring the attire of celebrities and models. Slowly, the clothes they wear are adopted by fashion conscious people, and others imitate. This way, it becomes the newest trend in the world of fashion. It is the designer's brain that is doing the work in bringing a new fashion style to work. In other words they are the trend setters and can forecast what the "in" thing is. Every designer has got his own style and he or she will incorporate it while creating his or her own style of fashion clothes. Regarding personalized styles, most are appealing to the teenagers as these youngsters are always on the look out for something new and unique. The only thing is that it has to differentiate them from others. A lot of individuals, both the males and the females, and the young and the old would like to test their luck in modelling. It could be high fashion or swimsuit, and sometimes it might be the commercial print. And, people in millions aspire for a career in the modelling industry.
However, the lesser known thing is that many are not aware of the fact that not every fashion modelling agency is looking for the same kind of attributes. If you take a closer look, you will see that different agencies employ different models whose features and skin tones differ. They want to create a unique or different look during their campaigns. This means that there are no written or clearly laid out norms in the modelling industry. While a fashion model agency is bound to have certain expectations from their models, those attributes may not always be of the same kind.
Have you ever been to an open call at some of the big fashion model agencies? A particular time in a week or month is set aside by many of the fashion modelling agencies to attract newcomers whereby they permit aspiring models to come for screening. The aspirants will bring along a portfolio comprising a few snapshots. If one can believe, most of these popular fashion agencies are not searching for glamour shots or any made-up photos all the time. They just want to see how the aspirant truly looks like, devoid of any make-up. However, the person’s complexion, health of the hair, teeth and figure are all vital when it comes to the different aspects of modelling.
It is recommended that you engage the services of some professional photographer to make a portfolio of pictures for you, and then take it to the model agency you are interested in. With the advent of the internet, the web sites of some big agencies have quite a bit to offer in regards to starting a career in the modelling field. These fashion model agencies will let you contact them via e-mail. And you will be required to attach a few photographs for screening purposes. In some instances, modelling agencies may even fly you out to conduct a test shoot.
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Nightclub Photography - Usher and more

by Mike White Photo

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Behind the scenes with Lindsey Lawrence of Ford Models, Chicago

Behind the scenes with Lindsey Lawrence of Ford Models, Chicago.
@lindseylawrence  @fordmodels


Photographer: Mike White
Makeup Artist: Fredy Anaya
Stylist: CT Hedden
Model: Lindsey Lawrence

All content copyright Mike White

Mike White Photography
Chicago Model Photographer

Headshots & Beauty - Studio vs Natural Light

The type of light used in Headshots & Beauty shots can make all the difference in the world. Here are a few random shots gathered to show the difference between dramatic lighting and natural lighting:

Natural Lighting:

Dramatic Studio Lighting:

Chicago Music Photographer

Music Photography
The visual essence of music

Music photography is always about the essence of the artist. It happens in a fleeting moment, and to the best of knowledge - can't be recreated.

A great photograph is born when both the photographer and the musician create an environment for something special to happen. When they anticipate that moment. When that moment is realized.

Photographic equipment and technique is never as important as being authentically committed to the subject and the essence of an artist.

-Mike White

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The Business Secrets of Successful Boudoir Photography

Mike White, a commercial photographer based in Chicago, Illinois, got into shooting boudoir professionally when several brides asked him to help create a surprise for the future husbands with photos that could be presented them as as a gift. Prior to his work as a commercial photographer, he shot mainly fine art figurative portraits and portfolio work for glamor, beauty, and fashion. His move into the boudoir business came naturally.

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