Ducati Apparel Shoot

The Ducati Apparel section published in NY based FoxxCode Magazine.
All Photography © Mike White
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This shoot was done on-location at Enclave nightclub in Chicago, for a published shoot featuring Ducati Apparel. The reception featured performers Tizzle and Streetz, and was sponsored by Al Piemonte Cadillac, Connect, Street Wear, The Silver Room, Marco, Dark Soul, Strap on Sweetie. Additional clothing and accessories by Shelly Johnson.

This video was created to accompany an image-release reception for the 12 published images, and also includes over a hundred formidable selections from the shoot.

Also view this video by Mike White Chicago Model Photographer on YouTube: youtube.com/watch?v=1mdUVIp3XVs

Does Mike White Shoot Teen Models?

Customers often call to ask if I work with teens, and then wonder why they're not in my main portfolio. Well the answer is - I shoot a ton of client work that's not in my portfolio (Corporate, Products, Kids, Teens, Weddings, and the list goes on). At some point you have to decide whether it's better to market a diversity of interests or narrow things down to that niche audience. The agencies that send me teens are very grateful that I enjoy the work. Finding what's special or unique about a model of any age is what I do best, so it's only natural that you'd have a hard time believing this was the first shoot for each one of these new models. -M

Teens - Images by Mike White