Gnomes II

Chicago indie rockers - The Gnomes - performed at the Hideout last week to promote their newly released album "Gnomes II". I was honored to work with the band in photographing the inner artwork for the CD, which you can buy at or download on iTunes

The photo session was extensive, and we ended up with enough for a large pictorial of different looks. A great bunch of guys to work with!

The Gnomes Official Site has a few downloads of the new CD, as well as schedule info on their upcoming shows. You can always check out what's new with the Gnomes on MySpace.

For photos of the Gnomes show, along with another great band that night - Big Buildings - check out the Photos from the live show.

Bonnie "Prince" Billy

Pitchfork News runs photos of Bonnie Prince Billy's Chicago show at the Portage Theater Oct 2006

Photos by Mike White

See Pitchfork review here

See full concert gallery here

The Depaulia:
(Excerpt from Depaulia Newspaper which also ran one of the photos)
Will Oldham, the brains and brawn behind several musical achievements is indeed a mysterious man. With significant displays of expertise in the arts of songsmithery, acting and Ivy-League education, this Jack-Of-All-Trades is making quite a name for himself. What name that may be has become arguable. Known by such bizarre monikers as Palace, Palace Music, Palace Brothers, and his most recently used Bonnie "Prince" Billy, this Kentucky-born singer/songwriter makes "The Artist Formerly Known as Prince" look normal. His music has been categorized (perhaps incorrectly) under the "alt country" genre of music, though his style seems to fit into more of a lo-fi, indie sound loosely based in the anti-folk movement formed in the mid-90’s. Often mistaken for an old man due to his rugged looks, sparse guitar pickings, and biblical dialect, Oldham has become a collaborator with many well-known musicians of this era. He has most recently been widely acknowledged for the record of cover songs he released with Tortoise last year. Though Oldham has also played with a multitude of talented musicians including, but not limited to Joanna Newsom, Bill Callahan (of Smog), Bjork, and even the late Johnny Cash. Oldham exceeds the boundaries of today’s music, incorporating soothing chords and enigmatic lyrics to form some of the most beautiful ballads currently playing.